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Romania represents an excellent investment prospect, as a consequence of also the European politics that see Romania as the logistical interface between West and East and a future economic power in Europe.

After becoming member of NATO and the European Union, Romania has gained little by little the leadership in the area for foreign direct investments (FDI) and has also become the country with the highest economic growth in the European Union. Even though the market is yet scarce in good quality products, due to its businesses-oriented fiscal policy and its structural necessities, specialists consider Romania a "Top Investment Location" which will continue to attract significant investments for medium and long term especially in key areas such as national infrastructure sustained by European funds and the real estate sector. As a natural consequence of the economic development perspective, the acquisition of real estate in Romania has become a great opportunity and the most attractive part of such an investment is that the price of property is still very low.

Some advantages of the Romanian real estate market:

  • High revaluation of property;
  • Great demand for new buildings;
  • Building land from 15 € / sqm, construction costs 650-850 € / sqm, selling price new 1100-1500 € / sqm.;
  • Municipal taxes for approving a building project 1.8% of its value, time of release 3 - 6 months;
  • Municipal taxes for buildings are 0,1% /year of its imposable value calculated according to the surface, area and city for the individuals; for companies they vary from 0,2%-1,5% of the buying value;
  • Taxes and notary fees for buying and selling real estate are : ZERO taxes up to 100.000 €,  further 3% for individuals and companies;
  • Residential market is definitely underestimated, the market for commercial and industrial spaces in some areas apparently reaching saturation in 2019, will continue to rise;
  • Entry into the single European currency planned for 2028;
  • Amortization for buying residential property in ratio with the rent in 12-15 years;
  • Rentals: residential for 5 € / sqm, commercial 8 € / sqm, industrial by 1,5 € / sqm.

If you intend to buy or rent, build shopping , residential or industrial complexes in Romania, in addition to knowing very well the real estate market - we ensure great efficiency, we have several opportunities and investment proposals, business partners in the construction and renovation field.

Some of our services: real estate investments in Romania, Legal and Tax Issues Properties in Romania, Valuation of Properties in Romania, Real Estate Development Projects in Romania, sales and rentals of property in Romania, Management and  Maintenance of Property in Romania, etc..

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